Dutch Grower - Our Roots

Dutch Growers is more than just a place to buy plants. Not that we don't love plants..but we have grown to become so much more! 

Dutch Growers is a family. Three Gererations of Van Duyvendyks have worked at Dutch, starting with Arie and Audrey Van Duyvendyk, who came to Canada in the 1950's. They worked tirelessly to build a business to support their family.  They came to a new country, learned a new language and culture and worked, realy REALLY hard!  Most importantly they instilled a passion for the industry of horticultre in every one of their children. The business they started has branched out  and the scope has widened. 

Tim and Karen Van Duyvendyk have started their own new venture, this time in Regina. Both Tim and Karen had been a part of Dutch Growers for many years. Tim literally grew up in the garden centre, tending plants from the time he was able to hold a watering can. Karen started as a greenhouse employee while earning her degree  at the University of Saskatchewan.

Not unlike Arie and Audrey,  Tim & Karen are raising their family in the business.  Thier children are often at the garden centre as their help is proving to be as valuable as that of thier parents. 

Our approach to gardening can be summed up in three words - live, grow and give. Simply put that's what we are all about.