At Zee-Bee, their bees produce a delicious pure honey that is graded as Canada No. #1 White. All their hives are located on organic land in Saskatchewan, giving the bees access to plenty of pure, sweet nectar.

In the early spring they begin their feast on pussy willows. Then comes the dandelions (that only a beekeeper loves) and lilac, and on to the wild saskatoon bushes, chokecherry trees, clover and sainfoin. Alfalfa and clover is the main crop that they feed on later in the summer, however they are within flying range of many other crops in the area as well.

Zee-Bee are also pleased to offer customers the added satisfaction of knowing that their establishment has been inspected and registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Their honey is not pasteurized! They extract the sweet liquid from the honeycomb in an extractor, then strain it to remove all the wax bits keeping it as natural as possible.

They also sell a creamed honey, which is made with their fine liquid honey through a process of controlled granulation. Nothing is added during this process, it is still pure honey, in a natural granulated form. Their granulated honey won "Reserve Grand Champion" at the 2008 Western Canadian Agribition Honey Show and in 2012 they placed 1st  in 2 categories at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.


A sampling of their products includes: Liquid Honey, Creamed Honey as well as a variety of  Flavoured Honey which are a great treat for your Tea or Toast  - Try their Lavendar Flavoured Honey, Chocolate Flavoured Honey,  Cinnamon Flavoured Honey, Lemon Flavoured Honey, Orange Spice Flavoured Honey, and Ginger Flavoured Honey.

Zee-Bee are proud members of Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association as well as The Canadian Honey Council. The Canadian Honey Council is the national association of beekeepers representing 7,000 apiculturists across Canada.