Rusty Cameron and his family have been involved in this industry since 1980, providing you with 34 years of growing experience and expertise. They produce an excellent quality of certified Canadian long grain rice from environmentally friendly, highly-productive lakes in the Hudson Bay area of Saskatchewan. These lakes are inspected annually in order to maintain the Organic Certification for Canadian, European, and US markets. 

Wild rice grows best in the shallow water of small lakes, and slow flowing streams. Canadian-grown wild rice is prized for its exceptional quality. The growing conditions are ideal for producing this high quality of crop.

Wild rice seeds were introduced into Saskatchewan during the 1930s as a way to increase the population of muskrats and ducks. Saskatchewan is now Canada's largest producer of naturally grown wild rice.

Wild rice:

  • is high in protein, lysine (amino acid), and fibre
  • has a very long shelf life - up to 10 years! 
  • fits many lifestyles and diets including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free (celiac), kosher 
  • is a common item in health food stores and bulk food suppliers
  • considered by many to be an excellent survival food because of its long storage capabilities
  • can be blended with white rice, black rice, paddy rice
  • goes very well with big game

Rusty’s offers their rice in sizes ranging from a two pound bag all the way to two thousand pound pallets (by special order). They also provide green rice by the truck load and seed rice for growers.