R & J Milling

R & J Milling is the passion of Bob and Rochelle Balfour.

Over 20 years ago Bob felt that the land was deteriorating as a result of conventional agricultural approaches, and decided to move into organic farming practices. Bob’s second career is as a PhysicalEducation teacher, which inspired  him to help others to adopt a healthy lifestyle including nutritious organic food.

Today R & J Milling produces a little grain, but Bob has built a network of organic farmers who supply him with all the grains needed to produce 100% organic flour from his mill.

The R & J milling system is much faster than traditional milling methods, avoiding the heat buildup during milling that can destroy important enzymes and nutrients in the flour. 

R & J mills flour from a wide variety of grains, including hard spring and durum wheat, rye, barley and pulse crops. They do not sell directly to the public, but wholesale their flour to restaurants and food manufacturing companies, and now it will be available to you from Local & Fresh!

Telephone: 306-738-4713 

E-mail: bbalfour@sasktel.net