"When people eat Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms they are supporting a young local farmer, entrepreneur, and dreamer / doer. They will taste the love and passion I have for my trade and our family owned farm."

                                                                   -Joel Huyghebaert

Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms is in year two of operations on a farm level. Owner Joel Huyghebaert spent a couple of years researching and experimenting with different methods before starting commercial production. They currently grow shiitake and different varieties of oyster mushrooms seasonally through the year. The farm has been certified organic for over a year. 

This business is the culmination of all of Joel’s work experience and passion over the last 15 years or so. Mushroom growing was a new challenge for him and something new to learn about. With a little bit of  encouragement from friends, family, and a couple of entrepreneurs, he jumped in full on, and says seeing his first couple of successful crops was very inspiring. 

Joel has been involved in agriculture in various capacities since he was a child. Organic farming was a family business, and he worked for various horticulture and agriculture businesses over the past 10 years as well as spending time in various construction trades. Gardening and greenhouses were only a hobby and passion of his until recently-now Joel says he has no time for anything other than mushrooms and growth on the farm!

Their product is “ultra” fresh. It is grown with love. It is certified organic, and only sold in Saskatchewan. Joel sources all of his grow substrate locally whenever possible.  Stay tuned for more exciting mushroom goodness as they continue to grow and expand capacity and varietal offerings.