Latino Bake Shop


We are proud to introduce the LATINO BAKE SHOP in Regina, Saskatchewan. Latino Bake Shop specializes in “EMPANADAS”, which are an original cultural food from Latino America.
We provide a variety of empanadas, made with only the freshest ingredients, inspired by various countries from South America. LATINO BAKE SHOP offers a wide range of empanadas which are available in two styles:

  -The first are "traditionally-baked", which are a variety of empanadas made with beef,    poultry, pork and vegetable fillings, or combination of them, seasoned with original latino sofrito and herbs, surrounded in our traditional dough

  -The second style is "take-and-bake". Delicious empanadas ready to finish baking in the oven at home, with the same ingredients as the traditional-baked products.

We are very proud to be part of the Regina Farmer's Market (RFM) Vendors group and we support Regina local vendors as well as local organizations.