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Welcome to Local & Fresh and thank you for helping to build a stronger local food system.


Whether you are motivated by saving the planet, eating a healthier diet, supporting local producers or having the convenience of home delivery, we are glad you have joined us.

There are lots of cool features to explore on the Local & Fresh site, like Stock Boxes, recurring orders, and email reminders for when your deliveries are coming. There is more detail on How it Works here, but feel free to email us with any questions at

Two key things to note off the top:

1. There is no "checkout" or "buy" button. When you place items in your cart they will stay there until they are delivered or you remove them. You will get an email BEFORE your order is finalized, and your credit card will only be charged AFTER delivery. 

2. You are able to shop on multiple routes at the same time. There are several routes each week for each area of the city. You can change the route you are shopping for by going to My Shopping Cart and chosing the route you want from the highlighted drop-down menu. 


The My Account menu is the place where you will find things like setting up email reminders when your deliveries are coming as well tracking your transactions, searching your upcoming deliveries, skipping deliveries when you are on vacation and managing your recurring items. 


Enough chat...are you ready to shop?  


Welcome to Local & Fresh!