How it Works

Welcome to Local & Fresh 

Local & Fresh is dedicated to improving the local food network by making it easier to shop for and eat local food. Local & Fresh was born as the answer to the question: What if a farmer’s market came to you?”.

How it works

Create your Customer Account here, then shop our site, selecting items for your the delivery route (time/day) you have chosen. If you like, you can set up your favourite local food staples as a a recurring delivery on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Your shopping cart stays with the route you chose at all times.


Local & Fresh also lets you customize your cart. You are not locked into a box program! We have made some bundles up for one-click shopping, but you are free to explore all of the categories and put together the order that is perfect and unique to you.


Changed your mind? Need more chicken? No problem, your order can be changed. Just take note of the cutoff time for deliveries in your shopping cart, generally a 48 hour cut-off for most items and delivery routes.


Going on vacation? With a click you can adjust your delivery times to manage around vacation or busy schedules. You can also set up reminder emails to let you know when your delivery is coming in the My Accounts tab when you are logged in.


Delivery Times

Delivery routes are automatically assigned based on your postal code. Each area has several routes to choose from, and a range of delivery times including: between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., over the lunch hour, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and more flexible times on the weekend. 

You can place orders for any of the delivery routes/days in your area by selecting the route in the "My Shopping Cart" area. 

Delivery AREA

We proudly serve Regina and have recently added White City, Emerald Park and Pilot Butte. If you want to see us where you live, drop us an email! We are keeping track of interest by areas outside of Regina.


How do I pay?

When you create a customer profile on, you provide a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) and your account is charged after your order is delivered.

There is no "check-out". Items that remain in your cart after the cutoff time will be scheduled for delivery; but you will only be charged after delivery. Orders that do not meet the minimum charge (including delivery fee) will be automatically deleted.


There is a minimum order of $50, but the delivery fee of $8 is reduced to $5 if your order is over $200. All transaction are in Canadian dollars.

Visa MasterCard



Why Local Food?

The goal of Local & Fresh is to build a more robust and sustainable local food system. Much of the food we eat today has been shipped from thousands of kilometres away. Local food is fresher and has less impact on the environment. As as factors like climate change, transportation costs, and currency flucuations impact the industrial food system, consumers will continue to pay more for the food they eat and or see the quality diminish. Growing the local food network will help reduce the cost of food by reducing the distance food has to be transported and increasing the volume of local food produced. 


Still have questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section at or send us an email at


Refund/Return Policy 
We have a simple policy: make the customer happy. If you are not happy with the products you purchase we have a few options to make sure that you are satisfied: full refund, store credit, substitute item or free delivery.


Privacy Policy 

All customer information is stored on a secure server and is not sold or shared. From time to time we will email you about new products and new routes. You can opt of these emails in your account settings and/or by sending us an email requesting to be removed from the list.